ix3 2024 – Women in Tech

The most valuable asset of WSA is its global network of entrepreneurs with a desire to make a positive impact on the world. The new ix3 format aims to enhance interactivity within the community by providing WSA winners with a platform to share their stories and engage in meaningful exchanges. For the WSA network to thrive, it requires constant interaction among its members, fostering engagement and connections while showcasing the network's power, impact, and purpose to the world. The theme for this round of ix3 was Women in Tech.

This ix3 event was an interactive live online session specifically featuring three women who are all WSA alumni telling their unique stories and insights. The speakers were followed by a moderated group conversation.

Live Stream

The recording of the live stream is available in the iframe below

Tech Trailblazers - Women leading the way

Thursday, July 4, 3pm (CET)



The discussion will be moderated by Odeta Iseviciute.


Trinidad López Beckett

Laboratoria - Regional Partnerships Coordinator

Trinidad López Beckett is the Regional Partnerships Coordinator at Laboratoria, a Latin American organization that empowers women who dream of a better future to start and grow a transformative career in the digital economy. In her role, Trinidad is responsible for developing strategic partnerships, managing outreach programs, and leading fundraising initiatives.

Trinidad also worked as an Alumnae Coordinator, where she connected with women from all over Latin America in search of benefits and better opportunities for the professional growth of graduates. She has experience as a clinical psychologist and community facilitator, having worked in various wellness and development initiatives for individuals and communities.

She is passionate about increasing access to quality educational opportunities and fostering dialogue and partnerships among diverse communities and cultures. Her international experience and commitment to empowering women in technology motivate her to continue promoting positive change through education and collaboration.

Kaja Posnik

Girls Global Ready Program - Program Director

Kaja Posnik is a Program Director of the Girls Global Ready Program (by the Girls Future Ready Foundation), named the 2023 European Young Innovator Champion by the World Summit Awards. Kaja is also a neuroscience student at University College London. Having been a Project Leader of one of the biggest student-led conferences in the United Kingdom, UCL Leaders, she has experience working with international communities and embracing diversity. She shares her work towards women and youth empowerment as a panelist at youth events and conferences, as well as at institutions such as the Senate of the Republic of Poland.

Kaja is a scholar of the British Alumni Society, Clinton Global Initiative University and Miracle Corners of the World (MCW) Global, as part of which she is working on developing a youth program focused on increasing awareness about mental health through the performing arts. She is the founder of the ’Breath of Art’ podcast, where, together with her guests, she discusses the subjective nature of the arts and their impact on various areas of our lives. Kaja is the author of several neuroscience articles, published among others in ’The Harvard Brain’ and European Journal of Educational Innovation, Partnership and Change.

Lilit Shakhulyan

Safe YOU - Chief Operations Officer

Lilit Shakhulyan is a seasoned Legal Consultant with over a decade of expertise advising private companies, predominantly within the IT sector. Her proficiency spans Contract Law, Corporate Law, Tax Law, and Administrative Law, complemented by over five years of operational management experience. As a dedicated mother of three and a proud Armenian, Lilit is committed to fostering peace and prosperity for her nation.


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