Nico Ulmke

  • Position: Technology Lead
  • Organisation: Fit für Immer
  • Country: Germany

Being of mixed British-German heritage and having spent parts of his life in both countries, Nico (b. 1997) sees himself more as a European citizen than assigning himself any specific nationality. He was brought up bilingually and went on to study Computer Science, Geography and Music in the German university city of Osnabrück after graduating with a bilingual high school diploma.


Since 2018, he has been active as a technology lead in the digital age-tech startup "Fit für Immer", which seeks to provide elderly homes with digital sports and entertainment programs in Germany. The project was awarded the first place in the Youth category at the European Young Innovators Awards and was selected as a nominee for the global WSA:YI, ranking in the top 26 projects worldwide in 2020. The now founded company went on to complete a Series A financing and claim a large research fund from the German federal government.