Pelagia Baxevani

  • Position: Manager
  • Organisation: 1,2,3 Go Social
  • Country: Luxembourg

Pelagia is in charge of Impuls (formerly named 1,2,3Go Social), a dedicated program to early-stage entrepreneurs generating a positive impact in the society. The objective of the program is to support and help them structure their social business project. Impuls is hosted and run by nyuko, which is an independent non-profit organisation co-supported by public authorities and the business world (public-private partnership). It aims at supporting entrepreneurs, taking part in the across-the-board diversification of the economy and encouraging cross-pollinisation between sectors, in collaboration with the local entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Before her involvement in Impuls, Pelagia started her entrepreneurship working experience by joining the coworking space The Impactory, one of the predecessors of nyuko, after several experiences within non-profit organisations.