SDG 10: Reduced inequalities

The 10th Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 10) aims to reduce inequality within and among countries by 2030. This ambitious goal is vital for creating a fairer, more inclusive world where everyone, regardless of their background, has the opportunity to thrive.

Ending the Divide: Tackling Inequality Head-On

SDG 10 targets various dimensions of inequality, focusing on income disparities, social exclusion, and the needs of marginalized groups. Key targets include achieving and sustaining income growth of the bottom 40% of the population at a rate higher than the national average, empowering and promoting the social, economic, and political inclusion of all, and ensuring equal opportunity by eliminating discriminatory laws, policies, and practices. 

Breaking Barriers: Empowering Through Equality and Inclusive Policies

To address these issues, the goal emphasizes the importance of fiscal, wage, and social protection policies. It calls for the adoption of policies, especially fiscal and wage policies, that progressively achieve greater equality. Social protection measures are crucial for reducing vulnerabilities and enhancing the resilience of disadvantaged communities. 

Another significant aspect of the goal is the promotion of safe, regular, and responsible migration and mobility of people. This includes implementing planned and well-managed migration policies to ensure that migration is beneficial for both origin and destination countries. 

Internationally, SDG 10 seeks to enhance representation and voice for developing countries in decision-making processes in global international economic and financial institutions. This aims to ensure that the global economic system is more inclusive and responsive to the needs of all countries, especially those with developing economies. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted and exacerbated existing inequalities, making the pursuit of it even more urgent. The global crisis has disproportionately affected the most vulnerable populations, underscoring the need for robust and inclusive policies to ensure that no one is left behind. 

Achieving SDG 10 requires concerted efforts from governments, international organizations, and civil society. By tackling inequality, we move closer to a world where everyone has the opportunity to achieve their full potential, fostering sustainable development and social cohesion globally. 

WSA Winners for SDG 10: Reduced inequalities