WSA Winner Mobility Mojo has won the UN SDG Digital GameChangers Award for Peace.

Mobility Mojo is the world’s leading self-assessment toolkit for workplace and hotel accessibility.

Its unique #technology solution provides businesses and hotels with the tools to conduct a detailed and comprehensive self-assessment on the level of accessibility in their premises. Then integrate and display all the accessible facilities they offer in a standardized way across all platforms within a matter of hours.

Mobility Mojo’s aim is to bring accessibility into the mainstream offering by helping office workplaces and hotels deliver an inclusive and welcoming experience for people with accessibility needs, their friends and families.

In 2021, Mobility Mojo was awarded the WSA Global Champion for #Inclusion & #Empowerment recognising the impact of Mobility Mojo on achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals and this year has won the UN SDG GameChangers Award.

Achieving the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), established in 2015 and adopted globally, remains a significant challenge, necessitating a swift embrace of digital technologies and ongoing innovation to expedite progress across the 17 Goals.