What is UniVation?

UniVation is an international en­trepreneurship program for students, conducted by WSA. It brings together students from multiple universities to collaboratively analyze purpose-driven tech ventures from across the world, namely of former WSA winners.

What is the purpose of UniVation?

  • CONNECT students with digital impact ventures globally
  • INCREASE learning & improve impact
  • SPREAD the knowledge and help local solutions with global impact
  • CREATE a diverse, empathetic mindset in which different regional, cultural, and economic realities are met without ideology


What are the benefits of UniVation?

How does UniVation work?


WSA UniVation consists of 2 phases, a GLOBAL and a EUROPEAN PHASE, all coming together at the EUROPEAN YOUNG INNOVATORS FESTIVAL in Graz, Austria. This provides partici­pating students with the opportunity to work on two different case studies - and meet! It is also possible to enter only one program phase.


  • The GLOBAL PHASE takes 7 weeks, starting in October. Students work virtually and independent­ly in interdisciplinary teams on international ventures, coming from all over the world. Every team is supported by a team lead. Weekly meetings provided by WSA with opportunities for get together, team discussions, team leader talks. Hands on webinars on Team Building, Go-to-Market, Pitch Training, etc. At least 2 sessions per team with the enterprise founder. At the end of the program the students pitch their solutions in front of an international jury. 3 teams will be announced winners.
  • The EUROPEAN PHASE starts with the pitching of the European Young Innovators. Students build teams, follow the pitching session and immediately start working on possible improvements together with the enterprise founders. After an intense working session the students pitch their solutions in front of an international jury, their peers and professors. 3 teams will be announced winners.
  • At the EUROPEAN YOUNG INNOVATORS FESTIVAL students from both phases come together, along with the pan-European community of young innovators who use digital technology to achieve the UN SDGs.


Based on the evaluations of the online pitch jury the best 3 student teams of each phase receive a reward.


What is the timeline 2024?



Participation costs

  • GLOBAL: € 70,- / student
  • EUROPEAN part at EYI Festival*: € 55,- / student
  • BOTH phases*: € 110,- / student

*Participation costs include delicious catering on-site.


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