Expert’s Corner

Welcome to the Expert´s Corner!

The task of being a WSA Expert is sometimes a challenging one. WSA Office therefore tries to support you with providing some marketing material for your call, plus some manuals for the database and the overall WSA Expert task.

Please have a look at the following informational documents, and please do not hesitate to contact us for support!


To all WSA Eminent Experts, thank you for your ongoing support to the WSA! Without your great efforts and motivation this unique global initiative would not be possible!


WSA Expert´s handbooks

The WSA national Expert handbooks should provide you with some checklists, tips and support to structure the pre-selection for WSA in your country.



It will give answers to the following frequently asked questions:

  • How to select the best content from your country?
  • What applications are potential winners?
  • What are the benefits for producers to participate?
  • What are the benefits for the 40 winners?


Download material guiding you through the selection and online nomination process for your candidates for WSA.



Expert´s ManualDatabase ManualPromotion Material


Here you can download some promotional material, templates, visuals and text drafts for your call – translated in several languages.