WSA ix3

People and their wish to change the world for good are the most important capital for the WSA network. To increase the interactivity within the community and give the WSA winners a stage to share their story and exchange, is the core mission of the new format ix3. The network as the biggest asset of WSA needs constant exchange amongst its members to stay alive, provide the possibility to engage and connect, but also show the world the power, impact and purpose of WSA.


ix3 is a low threshold live online event for WSA alumni to tell their stories and share something meaningful. Each event features 3 short indivdual talks by WSA alumni, followed by a joint conversation that is moderated. The speakers are loosely clustered based on themes and topics.


First ix3 event on the topic:

Inclusion, equality, empowerment, and education

took place:

Thursday, May 11, 3pm (CET)



Ramy Abdulzaher from Bonocle

Tahereh Pazouki from Magrid and

Georgie Midgley from M4Jam


The discussion was moderated by Odeta Iseviciute.

Watch the session here:





Please note that the workshop times are CET (Central European Time), please make sure to add them to your calendar to transfer it to your time zone.