In cooperation with several academic partners, WSA conducts the international entrepreneurship program for students - Youth for Innovation (YFI).


WSA YFI brings together students from multiple Universities to collaboratively analyse purpose-driven tech ventures from across the world which use digital solutions to contribute to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).


YFI ENABLES students to:

  • Apply their skills and knowledge on real ventures
  • Analyse, consult and exchange with purpose-driven enterprises worldwide
  • Collaborate internationally and interdisciplinary
  • Gain intercultural competences
  • Pitch their work in front of an international jury
  • Grow an international network
  • Gain ECTS credits as part of their curriculum (depending on university)

YFI PROVIDES purpose-driven tech ventures with the OPPORTUNITY to:

  • Receive case studies and in-depth evaluations from international students
  • Create their own challenges and focus points for students to work on


WSA YFI consists of 2 PHASES, an 6-weeks ONLINE and a 3-days ONSITE PHASE, providing participating students with the opportunity to work on two different case studies.


Students can enter both or only one program phase.




  • Start 6-weeks online program: beginning of October 2021
  • 3-days onsite phase as part of the European Young Innovators Festival: 1st - 3rd December 2021, Graz (AT). NOTE: Due to Covid-19 we are currently clarifying in which format the Festival will take place this year. Information will be announced soon.



  • Online phase: € 70,- / student
  • Onsite phase*: € 55,- / student
  • Both phases*: € 110,- / student

*Participation costs include the festival ticket and catering on-site.


Find more detailed information about the YFI program here.

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