Revolutionizing AI Education: The Teens AI Hackathon

Genius Planet, supported by the UNFPA and Sanad Development Foundation, recently held its inaugural AI Hackathon in Damascus, coinciding with Women's Month. This event marked a significant step in introducing young people, aged 13 to 16, to the world of artificial intelligence. The hackathon was designed to be more than just a contest; it was an educational journey into the intricacies of AI, offering participants a deep dive into its mechanisms, uses, and the ethical considerations surrounding it.

The program began with a comprehensive training session where participants explored the vast landscape of AI technology and its applications, particularly in the educational sector. This foundation laid the groundwork for the subsequent phase, where the young participants harnessed their newfound knowledge to brainstorm and develop innovative solutions aimed at enhancing educational processes through AI.

Throughout the hackathon, teamwork was pivotal as participants grouped together to bring their ideas to life, guided by insights from seasoned experts in technology and innovation. The event emphasized practical skills, merging design thinking with effective presentation techniques, enabling participants to clearly articulate their AI-driven projects.

The culmination of the hackathon was a showcase event, where the teams presented their projects to an audience of their peers, educators, and tech enthusiasts. This final phase was not just about competition but celebrating the collective effort and creativity of the participants, highlighting the potential of AI in driving positive change within the education sector.

This AI Hackathon, a first of its kind in Damascus and supported by notable organizations like the UNFPA and Sanad Development Foundation, was not merely a competition but a platform that fostered curiosity, learning, and innovation among young minds. Organized meticulously by Kawkab Abqar, it stood as a testament to the power of collaboration and the vital role of technology in shaping future generations. The event, through its blend of education and competition, paved the way for more such initiatives, aiming to nurture the tech talents of tomorrow and embed AI into the fabric of educational advancements.


By <a href="">Joud Khattab</a>