ESCWA Digital Arabic Content Award 2022-2023

Native Arabic speakers represent 5% of the world population, yet the share of Arabic content on the Internet is less than 3% of total content. To promote the development of good quality digital Arabic content in support of sustainable development, the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) launched a second cycle of the ESCWA Digital Arabic Content Award (2022-2023), in collaboration with WSA. In March, the winners were announced.


There are two categories for submissions:




Existing digital Arabic content products that support the achievement of SDGs developed by the public sector, private sector, academia, non-governmental organizations, civil society organizations or by any other relevant stakeholders.


The winners 2023 are:




Formal start-ups, teams of young people, and individuals younger than 35 years of age, open to any entrepreneur, company, student group or project team where at least one of the founding members and the majority of the team is under the age of 35 and from an Arab country.


The winners 2023 are:


Investigate the flyer (ARABIC)