Alda Banushi

  • Position: Student
  • Organisation: Polytechnic University in Tirana
  • Country: Albania

I am Alda Banushi, a 22-year-old graduated student in Computer Engineering. Since a high school student, I have always been a promoter of youth activism, participating myself in national and international projects, programs and conferences related to making the youth impactful in present and future. Being familiar with both technology, UN SGDs and civil society, I joined European Youth Award team, which is one of my best experiences. As a member of UN Association Albania, a former member of AIESEC and as an active citizen, I could say that the youth thoughts and action are important in achieving SDGs. In addition to these, I have very good knowledges regarding International Relations and diplomacy and have served as ambassador of "European Student Think Tank" in Albania. My greatest passion are natural sciences and ancient history, most of them I enjoy participating in forums. My message to all young: "Never stop trying for the best!"