Andras Bodo is committed to changing the world.


He has studied Business and Management at Budapest Business School. He is a member of the University's College, and in 2021 he was awarded one of the University's most prestigious honours, the Professional and Scientific Scholarship, for the second time. He loves working on unique projects and being open to building connections because he deeply believes moving forward is only possible through cooperation.


Founder of Colibr. which connects thousands of corporations with non-profit organizations based on the customers’ choice to create a new standard of CSRs, a new way of fundraising for charities and a free way to support important causes for individuals. Colibr. has been awarded on the WSA Young Innovators 2021 regionally and globally.


He likes well-executing projects, and he plans business strategy and marketing. He has a strong focus on finding the real problem and being dedicated to a smooth user experience.