Andreas Gschöpf

  • Position: Startup Consultant/Coach
  • Organisation: INITS
  • Country: Austria

Startup Consultant/Coach at INITS University Business Incubator with broad experience out of more than 200 knowledge intensive innovative Startups and in participation of the INITS Incubator since from the beginning on in 2004.


Process Support in developing and transfer Persons/Teams and their entrepreneurial early stages research/technology/innovation ideas into the market.


In special: Process Consulting/Coaching from the Idea into the market, Sustainability Innovation "Balancing Economic drivers and Ecologic Social impact Issuses", Business and Product Development and its Realisation funding preincubation

Co-author of: INITS/Vienna Biocenter (VBC) Austria (Andreas Gschöpf), Hi-Tech Center Vienna (Rainer Hasenauer) and Portland State University (Charles Weber) has done together an empirical research 2016 out of innovating startups on “Technology Readiness, Market Readiness and the Triple Bottom Line: An Empirical Analysis of Innovating Startups in an Incubator”


The 57 selected and supported INITS Startups where selected in a variety of industries, who are engaged in social or environmental entrepreneurship, where the impact motive prevails over the profit motive and went through the whole INITS pre- and incubation process. Successfully published at the worldwide PICMET conference “Technology for Social Innovation” in Sept 2016, USA (Portland International Center for Management of Engineering and Technology))


His skills are based on fundamental education in technical engineering, further more in the combination of technical, scientific and applied economics, law and sociological content by his graduation in Industrial Engineering- Machinery (Quality- and project management, conveying systems), Certified Management Consulting, Innovation and sustainability topics (e.g. Inventing and realisation of Innovative Systems, Innovation out of customer needs, sustainable integration of economy-environment-society aspects by using regional resources)


His experiences come out of hands on project work in Construction Pulp and Paper Industry , RandD in Simulation and Visualization of Future Production Logistics, conveying systems for automation industry, Know-How and Technology Transfer between organisations within Europe within EEN network, Regional Sustainable Development in Alp Regions, participation in growing up the INITS Incubator and support of the INITS Start-ups since INITS establishment in 2003.