”Building products for people and accelerate business growth.”

Anthony Lamont, Lead Strategy Designer at In The Pocket & founder of Yonder Innovations, a Product Design studio with a strong focus on human-centered design methodologies. Anthony has a relentless passion for creating clear, thoughtful products that improve every single user’s quality of life.

Over the last 10 years, he has teamed up with some big companies in Europe and the States to help build best-in-class products and services that matters. Beyond platforms and applications, he makes interactive environments and deliver innovative user experiences.

Together with some clients, Anthony has won over a dozen prestigious design awards such as UX
awards, iF awards and a Red Dot.

Anthony has a background In Advertising, but quickly shifted towards launching his own Product Design company, helping companies build the right products. “Life is too short to build things nobody wants, so let’s focus on building what matters.”