Aziz Elhajir

  • Position: Educational Technologies Program Specialist
  • Organisation: ISESCO
  • Country: Morocco

Professor Aziz EL HAJIR, Program Specialist in the field of Educational Technologies at ISESCO's Department of Education, is in charge of ICT for Education (ICT4E) and ICT for Development (ICT4D) programs. Besides, since 2018, he has been implementing literacy, adult education and vocational training programs in ISESCO member States.


Graduated from the University of Rouen (France) in Engineering and Training Consulting and from Mohammed V University (Morocco) in Social Development Management, Professor Aziz El Hajir has, for more than thirty years, carried out several responsibility missions within the Ministry of National Education in Morocco, the last of which for 7 years, as the Manager of the Moroccan-Korean ICT for Education Training Center, before joining ISESCO in March 2017.