Bernardita Pantoja is a leading finance and alternative assets professional, currently serving as Head of Alternative Assets at LarrainVial Estrategia in Santiago, Chile.

With extensive sector experience, Bernardita has showcased her ability for solid investment decisions. At LarrainVial, she led economic presentations, participated in client meetings, and used quantitative tools to strengthen the committee's decisions. She also contributed market insights for clients and the company's blog.

Before LarrainVial, Bernardita worked as a Senior Asset Allocation Analyst, collaborating on committees and presentations. She played a key role in asset allocation and fixed-income committees and crafted client presentations.

Beyond finance, Bernardita worked on economic research and data analysis at FK Economics, contributing to antitrust research and developing a Chilean inequality index.

Highly educated, Bernardita holds a Master's in Finance from the London Business School and a Master's in Economics with honors from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. She earned a Bachelor's in Business Administration and Economics, specializing in Economics.

Recognized for her outstanding performance, Bernardita received the LarrainVial Award for Outstanding Performance and Commitment. In summary, she is an accomplished professional with a strong educational background and notable achievements in finance and alternative assets.