Camila Carvalho

  • Position: Founder & CEO
  • Organisation: Tem Açúcar
  • Country: Brazil

Camila Carvalho is the founder and CEO of  “Tem Açúcar?” which is the biggest social network for neighbors in Latin America. The platform connects neighbors to collaborate powered by the sharing economy and it has helped people to save approximately 2.5 million dollars in objects they borrowed from their neighbors instead of buying. Because of her work, in 2017 Camila was described by Forbes Women as an entrepreneur who is changing the game in the sharing economy.


Recently Tem Açúcar was one of the finalists of Facebook apps of the year competition and a finalist at the Connected Smart city award. She is formed as a sustainability designer by Gaia Education, a program endorsed by the UN and studied at Schumacher College. As a speaker Camila was a pannelist at Ouisharefest in Paris and at Pioneers festival in Austria and she`s one of the Redbull Amaphiko fellows.  Besides ”Tem Açúcar?” Camila gives consultancy to companies and projects seeking to align their practices with greater social, economic and ecological awareness.