Carlos Abler

United States of America
  • Position: Board Of Directors
  • Organisation: GiveMN
  • Country: United States of America

I am a digital transformation leader, content marketing strategist, storyteller, experience designer, board member, public speaker, and philosopher. I have produced content and managed digitally-driven organizational change for over two decades. When engaged at 3M as Global Manager of Online Content Strategy, I helped 3M achieve content operational excellence across all organizational levels, and all dimensions of publication operations; content creation, management, distribution, governance, measurement, and optimization. I currently consult as Chief Relevance Officer LLC for businesses of all sizes and non-profits.  


Most meaningfully, I was a producer of a WSA winning project for the Smithsonian in 2005. A life-changing experience for me, that draws me back to the WSA in the hope of helping other social entrepreneurs to benefit from this amazing community.