WSA in Singapore was amazing opportunity for us to showcase Imagga’s exciting image recognition technology and make new friendships and valuable connection. WSA family brings so much value to a technology startup based in Eastern Europe. We strongly believe being part of the event, and now, one of the 8 Global Champions is great honor but also a chance to work together with so many bright minds from all over the world into making UN’s Sustainable Development Goals reality.

Chris Georgiev, Co-founder of Imagga & Head of Business Development, Asia Pacific, is based in Seoul, South Korea, which serves as an outpost for Imagga’s operations in the region. He is holding a M.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering from Sofia Technical University and is currently finishing M.Sc. specializing in Technology Entrepreneurship at Sofia University. Chris has experience in software development, product and software marketing, business development and sales. Chris Georgiev is a board member of the StartUP Foundation, the first entrepreneurial organization in Bulgaria with over 200 startup events in the last 10 years.