Dušica Birovljević

  • Position: Founder
  • Organisation: Legal Lifestyle Magazine
  • Country: Serbia

Dušica Birovljević is a Master of Laws, with experience in labour law, intellectual property, project management and also web design and websites development. She has managed projects in the areas of IT and business. Two examples among many are the first mobile app in the area of traffic safety for the City Government of Belgrade, Department for traffic and the Legal Lifestyle Magazine, an Innovation platform for social services.


Dušica gained work experience in the Law Office in Belgrade as well as through working in civil society organizations and foreign and domestic companies. She has held lectures at the University of Novi Sad, at the Institute of Economic Sciences in Belgrade and in co-operation with the Republic Institute for Intellectual Property of RS. In May 2016 she was a guest speaker at the European Parliament, within EYE & YO! Fest, in Strasbourg.


She has published a large number of legal professional articles and books (you can easily check ISBN numbers). She was a Researcher and assisting a key expert for legal and institutional issues in the project related to the water management of the Drina River – “Support to Water Resources Management in the Drina River Basin”. In August 2014 by the decision of the Serbian Government published in the Official Gazette 81/2014 she was chosen as an expert member of the Working group for developing a National strategy for youth between 2015 and 2025, and an action plan for its conducting and In 2012 she received the “Sakura scholarship” as a researcher.