Duygu Kambur

  • Position: Head of business development and strategy
  • Organisation: imece
  • Country: Turkey

Duygu Kambur has a Bachelor's degree in Management from Bogazici University and gained experience in business development, project management, brand management, strategy and operations in the fields of civil society, art and entrepreneurship throughout her studies. Following her graduation she worked at Garanti Bank in the department of Corporate Communication and Brand Management. Since she wanted to deepen her knowledge on social impact, she moved to Berlin to do a Master's in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship at TU Berlin. While pursuing her Master's degree, she studied Design Thinking in the HPI School of Design Thinking and worked on social impact oriented design; participated in Climate KIC programs supporting entrepreneurship on climate change. She started her thesis on examining the social innovation ecosystem in Turkey.


Since November 2016, she has been working as the head of business development and strategy at imece, a social innovation platform based in Istanbul. She triggers social change on several fields from early-stage social entrepreneurship to developing multi-stakeholder projects and partnerships to strengthen the social innovation ecosystem. She had joined as one of speakers on several national and international events such as Istanbul Development Dialogues, GEC 2018 Istanbul, Wayfinder Istanbul.