As catalyst and connector, Felix forges and manages multi-dimensional businesses embedding socio-environments through blending of research, content and design innovation.


He currently fulfills his role of bridging academia with external process owners and operational users by translating research into real world applications. AspectSolar designs and distributes LiFe batteries with highly efficient silicon crystal charging panels as an Off-The-Grid standalonegreensolution.CloudMining.SG explores cutting edge liquid cooling tech for dedicated crypto-mining.

People-friendly robotics, optical vision systems, gamified UI and UX on tablets and walls, indoor GPS, RTB trackers, mobile autonomous surveillance, and sensor-based mechanics, are some of his playgrounds.

In 2008, Felix revamped Catalyst Consultants PLC (CC), which focused on the conception and execution of brand identity initiatives, events and marketing campaigns, expanding its services to include connecting business to communities with content. A mentor for more than 12 years, he assesses, advises, and endorses seed funding for high-risk innovations and applications.