Giang Vu Thu

  • Position: Program Officer for Industry 4.0 and Data Economy
  • Organisation: GIZ’s Digital Transformation Center Vietnam
  • Country: Vietnam

Giang Vu currently serves as the Program Officer for Industry 4.0 and Data Economy at GIZ’s Digital Transformation Center Vietnam. In this capacity, Giang has a strategic role to help shape the integration of Industry 4.0 technologies in MSMEs’ twin transition as well as create an ecosystem to educate, accelerate and ultimately scale technology innovation and adoption within the private sector.

Giang spent over ten years in a variety of inclusive and sustainable innovation projects supporting SMEs and startups in the renewable energy, agriculture, education, and information technology sectors across ASEAN. Throughout her personal and professional pursuits, Giang has always been fascinated about the role she can play as an individual to facilitate positive changes and new energies for the better. She is passionate about, and naturally driven, to combine her prior professional experiences in the corporate sector, education in politics and economics, and personal interest in sustainable issues, to create a happier society for all. Giang holds degrees in International Business (BA) from the Foreign Trade University in Vietnam, and Finance (MBA) from University of Houston.