Hayatudeen Mustapha holds a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering. Alongside my studies as a chemical engineering student, I have built skill-sets in web design and development, graphic design, digital marketing, video editing, design thinking, and business model development.


He works consistently as a changemaker, communications strategist, and digital brand strategist. He has been working actively and volunteering for over seven years in the er social impact and sustainable development space in Nigeria through non-profit organizations and social enterprises.


Hayatudeen is a certified climate champion by the United Nations Sustainable Development Solution Network (SDSN). also the founder of Enviro Sensi, an initiative dedicated to the advocacy of climate education and renewable energy. He is a fellow at Student Energy, and his passion for environmental consciousness, sustainable waste management, and renewable energy is evident in his work as the chief content creator, researcher at Enviro Sensi.


He is a member of the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) and several other Youth Networks such as LEAP Africa, ClimateReality, Youth4GreenHydrogen, Climate Technology Solutions, Citizen Diplomat Society, Student Energy, and the Healthy Planet Hackathon Community.


Hayatudeen is currently a Global Youth Ambassador on Education at Theirworld, a nonprofit organization solving global educational crises. As the Project Lead of the DASH Initiative, an initiative launched with a mission to empower vulnerable children with shoes and necessary life skills to become useful to themselves and to society. My role as the project lead is to write letters and submit it to well-meaning individuals and organizations.


I am currently the project lead for Youth Without Drugs, an initiative whose campaigns seek to resolve the menace of substance abuse by breaking the cycle by educating and equipping everyone to identify, understand, and reduce the act.