From Kabul to Geneva to Palo Alto, Joel K. Myhre has been honored over his two decades of public policy and advanced ICT experience to help bring advanced humanitarian technology innovations to civil society actors across the Pacific Rim, Europe, North America, Africa, & Central Asia. He has worked with a broad swath of Public Health, Humanitarian and Disaster Response entities, in addition to UN and US DoD engagements throughout the Pacific Rim and Europe. Mr. Myhre's technical geospatial endeavours include Membership in the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (MRICS), co-chair of the UN Information Management Working Group for GIS (Geneva), and advisor to both the WHO EOC-NET and the ad hoc WHO Advisory Group on Mass Gatherings. Recent technology forays from Silicon Valley to Geneva have incorporated Artificial Intelligence, space based observational innovations, and broad stakeholder engagements to advance the US Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).