Jonan is a dedicated and passionate player in the social sector, driven by his unwavering belief in the power of action and the potential for positive change. His enthusiasm and commitment to leaving a lasting impression on our beloved and cherished community called Earth motivate his endeavors. With a curious and inquisitive nature, he constantly seeks to understand the intricate workings of our world and the underlying reasons for various phenomena. He delves deep into the study of trends, endeavoring to unveil the interconnections among different variables to harmonize and optimize the various factors critical to the development paradigm. As a tech enthusiast, entrepreneur, and innovator, he has been involved in at least five remarkable projects that leverage artificial intelligence and embedded systems. His unyielding dedication to comprehending things from first principles has honed his focus on addressing pressing social issues and devising sustainable and impactful solutions and technologies.


He is a business manager at Justice Chatbot Limited, an AI powered platform that runs in Uganda and DRC through which he has navigated the legaltech infrastructure and complemented the Justice, Law and Order Sector’s value architecture map, using innovative conversational Artificial Intelligence solutions. This same company has created 3 other AI based projects in ecommerce, real estate and health focusing on job creation, digital transformation, business empowerment and skilling. Jonan believes that the future holds for efficiency and convenience, hence the need for automation for fast and efficient service delivery. Jonan firmly believes that the future demands efficiency and convenience, advocating for automation as a means to achieve fast and efficient service delivery.


His exemplary contributions have not gone unnoticed, as he has received numerous accolades, including the Global Legal Hackathon Africa node 2022, the World Legal Summit 2019, the Creative Hackathon, and the Facebook Developer Challenge 2018 for Sub-Saharan Africa, among others. Notably, Jonan's team was recognized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization and the International Centre on Artificial Intelligence as one of the top 100 organizations globally utilizing AI to advance Sustainable Development Solutions. In addition, he was honored with the Literature Prize by Paschnett in the Alexander Von Humboldt Climate Change competitions, which commemorated Alexander's legacy in Germany. His achievements extend to winning several UN World Wildlife Day National Quiz competitions.


Jonan's involvement extends beyond his professional life; he actively participates in various organizations such as the Defend Civic Space Initiative, Common Futures Conversation, East Africa Internet Governance Forum, Tech2Impact, Africa Berlin Network, Justice Innovators Community-Africa, Internet Society Uganda, Makerere Innovation Society, and numerous other regional and international associations. Through his dedication and unwavering commitment, Jonan continues to shape a brighter future for communities and individuals alike