Josephine Cacdac is the Vice President for Academic Affairs of the TRACE College in Los Banos, Laguna. Before, she engaged herself as the Programs Director of Informatics Indonesia (PT Lifelong Learning). Informatics Education Ltd. is a Singapore-based multinational corporation established in 1983, with a global network of 132 centers spanning more than 23 countries worldwide; its wholly-owned subsidiary NCC Education in the UK has 300 centers in 45 countries. Josie has worked with Informatics (Philippines and Indonesia) for more than ten years, establishing partnerships with educational institutions to help promote and enhance the partners’ Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Language, and Business Management programs, among others. She is a member of numerous organizations and associations, such as the Rotary Club Jakarta Central, Philippine Computer Society, Phil. Society of IT Educators, and Club. She was awarded Best in Academics by Informatics Philippines and was recognized for her directorship in various projects of the Philippine Computer Society, notably in the aspect of IT curriculum re-engineering.