I went to the Faculty of Economics in Bogotá, where I developed a taste for the social field, and given my interest in social problems, I did a degree work on poverty, based on an evaluation of the MDGs, work that made me an assistant of research for the university, and with which we made a publication for the UNDP (United Nations Development Plan); later, I traveled to Italy, where I volunteered at the youth office of the Focolare Movement; When I finished, I began my master's degree in political studies at the Sophia University Institute, where my interest in the social issue intensified. My participation as a volunteer and consultant in different NGOs, suggested the idea that international work with organizations committed to the social field, could be one of the ways to build new bases for a large-scale social development, which is why I decided complement my studies, doing a master's degree at LUMSA University in international relations, politics and government.

During the period of studies in Italy, I became a consultant and project manager to several international organizations, with which I have worked mainly in education and development, in scenarios such as agriculture, entrepreneurship, sustainability, architecture, social economy, etc. Developing these projects, with the support of the Erasmus program, the main objective was to train people in different aspects so that they could be flagged, at the local level, of significant social changes and become multipliers in their communities. This is how this work led me to broaden my cultural horizon, by creating relationships with people from many parts of the world. Relationships that translate into solid friendships, but also in important contacts of work, a network of people and institutions (NGOs) committed to major social changes.