Saijai (Kia) Pongsripetch

  • Position: Corporate Strategist
  • Organisation: Reapra
  • Country: Thailand

Kia is a Corporate Strategist at Reapra, in charge of investment sourcing and portfolio management. She has experience in market entry strategy, market analysis, business expansion and operation. She is assisting founders in their journey from business ideation to building and operations. She has been supporting and mentoring more than 20 companies in different sectors including F&B, Finance and Accounting Technology, and Social Impact sector in different markets across Southeast Asia. She is also a part-time lecturer for startup studies class at Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology.

Prior to Reapra, She was a Management Consultant at YCP Group, a management consulting and private equity company that focusing in market entry strategy for Southeast Asia. She holds a Bachelor degree in Business Administration from Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology in Thailand and Master’s degree in Management from Tohoku University in Japan.