Kuy Chheng is a co-founder of Inclusion+, a social enterprise startup focuses on connecting disabilities with potential employers and aims to promote a better integration in Cambodia by targeted inspiration, self-development and training. She has extensive experiences more than 10 years in financial discipline and modeling through various industries such as technology, manufacturing, agriculture, etc. She currently is a senior advisor for PROFITENCE, leading the CFO vertical service.


Kuy Chheng is the 1st Cambodian woman who received the award scholarship from Global Change Leader program (GCL 2012) among the 400 plus applications around the world from the Canada government. Kuy Chheng passionate about helping others through her experiences and knowledge. She has a strong belief that everyone can contribute and make positive impact to the society with or without holding the high position or role in the government line. She believes that as long as people have passion on what they are doing and do it with the value they believe in and the integrity of leadership, they can surely bring the impacts to both themselves and the society.


Education & Credentials


  • 2019 Award Winner on a Startup “Inclusion+”
  • 1st Cambodian woman from to be selected in the Global Change Leaders Program (GCL 2012)
  • Awarded scholarship in Executive MBA, Portland Statement University, 2009