Lilan Dayananda is an international award-winning young social tech entrepreneur. Lilan is
among the latest top ten Social Entrepreneurs of the Global-South according to the United
Nations Youth Envoy’s Office, United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), International
Telecommunication Union (ITU), and UNDP Youth Co: Lab.


Lilan is the only Sri Lankan Commonwealth Youth Awardee for excellence in development
works in 2022 and was nominated for Queen’s Commonwealth Trust Youth Award considering
his reach and impact on his community.


Lilan is recognized among the top 100 meaningful businesses in 2023 by Ernst & Young (EY),
Hogan Lovells, Babson College along with Meaningful Business Community.


He is a successful graduate of the Silicon-Valley based Founder Institute’s accelerator program
and a Business Management (Special) Degree holder from the University of Kelaniya. He has
more than 600 course completion certificates (including 300+ Coursera certificates). He is an
ALS fellow of the Harris School of Public Policy from the University of Chicago and a Stanford
Seed Spark fellow.


For years, his social initiatives have come up with award-winning innovative solutions that can
apply to food security and climate action along with peace and sustainability. One of his social
ventures has the world’s first validated methodology to quantify the human contribution to
Primary Ecosystem Services. His aim through his other social initiative is to provide effective
sustainable solutions to end hunger in all its forms.


Lilan is the leading technology partner for the International Analog Forestry Network. He works
closely with marginalized communities in 22 countries (including Costa Rica, Cameroon, Peru,
Ecuador, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Paraguay, and Bolivia) reaching more than 100,000 marginalized
farmers representing various geographical locations, cultures, religions, income classes, races,
and genders.


Considering his valuable contribution to his community, he was exclusively invited to the 18th
World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates Gangwon in South Korea by the Permanent Secretariat
of the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates.