Luna Carmona

United Kingdom
  • Position: Marketing Officer
  • Organisation: Achieve More! Scotland
  • Country: United Kingdom

Luna Carmona is the Marketing Officer at Achieve More! Scotland, a grassroot charity based in Scotland that works delivering diversionary activities to over 3000 kids and young people in deprived areas every single week. Her role involves creating compelling content for their social media platforms, developing new key channels and strategies for their digital communications, supporting fundraising events, creating videos and other kinds of audiovisuals to reach our communication goals and evolving our Marketing tools amongst other tasks and responsibilities. Her aim is to implement social change using digital innovation.


TEDx speaker and organiser, Luna Carmona has been working in Communications and Social Media over the last five years specialising in the Third Sector working for other charities such as Xchange Scotland, Alliance for the Voluntary Service and the European Youth Awards. Her personal passions are books, travelling and good vegan food.