Malkia John is a passionate advocate for leveraging technology to drive positive social impact. With a background in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and a deep commitment to addressing pressing global challenges, she has made it her mission to harness the power of innovation for the greater good.


As a dedicated leader, Malkia is the driving force behind Glow and Grow, an organization focused on addressing energy poverty in marginalized communities while simultaneously combating climate change. Her work revolves around creating sustainable and user-friendly solar lantern products that prioritize climate-conscious solutions.


Additionally, Malkia's unwavering dedication to social impact extends to Sauti Salama, where she actively champions the cause of underserved communities. Her commitment to empowering these communities, particularly in the area of sexual and reproductive health and rights, reflects her belief in holistic solutions and intersectionality.


Malkia's journey as a WSA Youth Ambassador aligns perfectly with her vision of using technology to create meaningful change. Her unique perspective, strong technical background, and fervor for social impact make her a valuable addition to the WSA Youth Ambassador community. With Malkia on board, the future of digital innovation for global problem-solving looks even brighter.