Marcus East is a seasoned executive with over 30 years of global experience, specializing in technology-driven solutions. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Management and Computing from the University of London Guildhall and a Master's in Management from the University of Cambridge. Recognized as a Fellow of the British Computer Society, Marcus has played crucial roles at Apple, Comic Relief, Google, IBM, Marks and Spencer, National Geographic, and T-Mobile, excelling in digital transformation.

In addition to his tech background, Marcus is an investor, involved in venture capital funds and active angel investing. He focuses on supporting companies with strong intellectual property, addressing pressing social issues.

Marcus serves as an advisor, guiding companies on product and tech operations, strategy, and growth. He has advised notable organizations, including Google's Growth Fund.

Beyond his career, Marcus is dedicated to causes he's passionate about, serving as a trustee for non-profits and holding elected positions. In his free time, he enjoys family, Shotokan karate, travel, pets, and video games on a self-built Nvidia RTX 4090 GPU gaming computer.

Currently, Marcus is a member of the Board of Trustees at Seattle Children's, contributing to their mission of providing hope, care, and cures for every child's healthiest and most fulfilling life.

Founder & president of VentureForge inc, an innovative global funding platform that will allow founders to get access to a global network of funders, advisors and investors.