Mariana Barbosa

  • Position: Journalist
  • Organisation: Freelancer
  • Country: Portugal

I have been a Journalist since 2007, and in fact, there is no other thing I would rather be. Back in 2011, I started writing stories about 'Doers': people who think, plan and create their businesses. I prefer asking over answering questions. I like writing and travelling. But what I love is to do both things simultaneously. I love eating and cooking. I am passionate about sharing meals and stories with lots of people, I am happy when a lunch stretches out to dinner. I'm thrilled about the stories of the people, factories and markets I keep meeting: I devour those stories, plus magazines, and breakfasts. I am curious about my destiny but most of all, about the path which leads me there. I always come back, but I am also forever on the go.