Martin Vitek is the Chairman of the Board of the Foundation for Entrepreneurship Education, President of the Association of Entrepreneurial Czechia and one of the pioneers of the development of entrepreneurship competency education in the Czech Republic. 


In addition to working in the field of entrepreneurship development as a lecturer, program and educational materials creator and teacher trainer, he also focuses on providing educational digital infrastructure to other non-profit companies to scale their impact.


Another important value for Martin is the transfer of experience and knowledge to individuals who are developing entrepreneurship at their local level through the Z lavice do akce podcast, where he is both a moderator and stands behind the creation of the podcast and its concept in cooperation with Charles University in Prague.


For his activity in the field of entrepreneurship he received the EntreComp Champion award.


In addition to his non-profit activities, Martin is also focused in the fields of Real Estate, Food & Beverage (Jackies) and Sports & Entertainment.