I'm Mudadi Saidi, a recognized visual artist awarded by FIND. I have a background as a former writer for a refugee magazine and extensive experience as an illustrator. Currently, I serve as the coordinator for both the "Nyota Ya Msanii" and "Art Yetu" projects. My passion lies in using art as a catalyst for positive change within the refugee community and among hosts. Through art empowerment, my goal is to foster self-reliance and bring about a meaningful impact on the lives of those I work with.


As a Congolese national, resident in kakuma refugee camp, with 10 years of my 29 years old life lived in displacement and inside understanding of the factors impacting and sustaining conflict and dependancy. I am a researcher assistant with theTMSS Traveling Memories Silences and Secrets which is a researchproject based on refugees from the great lakes region in kakuma, Kenya. I am also a Refugee Advocate and change maker playing a role to be a voice for refugees, work towards policy changes, and support the well-being and integration of displaced populations. By advocating for the rights and needs of refugees, I am contributed to create a more inclusive and compassionate society.