Pablo Acevedo, a distinguished Chilean lawyer, is a partner and co-founder of the esteemed Flores Acevedo Abogados law firm in Santiago, Chile. With 19 years of expertise in entrepreneurship, innovation, and intellectual property, Pablo is a respected figure in his field.

In addition to his work at Flores Acevedo, Pablo has excelled in academia, teaching classes on tax management and negotiation in the Master's Program in Finance at the University of Desarrollo. He also served as a senior instructor in negotiation workshops at the Foundation Chile.

Before establishing his law firm, Pablo was the Legal Advisor at the University of Concepción, overseeing intellectual property matters and technology transfer. He managed intellectual property protection, litigation, and drafted policies and technology transactions.

Pablo holds a Bachelor's in Legal and Social Sciences from the University of Concepción. He pursued postgraduate studies at prestigious institutions, including an LLM in Law, Science, and Technology from Stanford Law School and an LLM in American Law with dual concentrations in Intellectual Property and International Business Practice from Boston University School of Law.

With a wealth of experience and expertise, Pablo Acevedo is recognized for his dedication to clients and advocacy for innovation and intellectual property in Chile. His accolades include the Outstanding Achievement Award in American Law from The American Law.

As a committed lawyer, Pablo Acevedo is a valuable ally for companies and entrepreneurs seeking to protect and optimize the value of their intangible assets.