Ramy Soliman

  • Position: Co-Founder and COO
  • Organisation: Bonocle
  • Country: Qatar

Ramy Soliman is the co-founder and COO of Bonocle. The first ever braille entertainment platform for the blind. He started Bonocle alongside some of his colleagues during university. Upon his graduation he chose to delve into carefully selected professional careers to improve his entrepreneurial and leadership skills. He started with project management and then moved into sales. Both of which he considered as learning experiences that will allow him to lead a team successfully at his startup. He continues to self-learn about startups, entrepreneurship, innovation, leadership and creativity and spread his knowledge to startups that seek his guidance. He has also gotten into the role of a creative director helping startups amongst his own and other entrepreneurs create experiences that their customers want. His most recent created experiences are games for the blind and sighted that focus on tactile feedback and auditory signals.