Renata Koch Alvarenga, from Brazil, is a leading voice on gender and climate justice in the global youth movement. She founded the youth-led organization EmpoderaClima at 22 years old, to raise awareness of the need for women’s empowerment in climate decision-making spaces, and advocate for girl’s education and climate action in the Global South. Renata has a Master in Public Policy from Harvard University, where she did research on climate finance and resilience, in partnerships with Harvard and the UN, in Puerto Rico and Barbados. Renata has professional experience in global climate and public policy, having worked at the British Mission in Brazil and the United Nations Youth Office. She currently works as a Disaster Risk Financing Specialist at the World Bank Headquarters in Washington DC. She has actively engaged with the Youth Constituency of UN Climate, as the Gender Contact Point, and as a youth leader at the UN Girls’ Education Initiative and UN Women. Most recently, she served on the advisory boards for climate issues of the New York Times, World Economic Forum, Chicago Council of Global Affairs, and the Sustainable Amazon Foundation in Brazil. Renata is an awardee of the Environmental Educators (EE) 30 Under 30 class.