Rosaria Etambuyu Simusandu is a fourth-year student currently at The University of Zambia pursuing a degree in Chemical and Biological Sciences. Rosaria is passionate about learning and developing new skills, impacting positive and progressive change. She has a firm drive to see things through to completion. She is actively involved in research as a research laboratory assistant on a project that aims at optimizing the production of bioethanol from locally sourced organic substrates, which is in line with her interest in environmental and social impacts.


Rosaria is a member of an organization called Young Professionals Network Zambia (YPN) under the Environment and Climate Cluster, and is also currently part of an Introduction to Leadership Cohort 33 at Wedu. She participated in a Climate Leadership Environmental Sustainability Training Series that covered The Paris Agreement, Climate Ambition Cycle and Global Stocktake, Reporting and Monitoring of Climate Action, Climate Finance Landscape, Climate Leadership, Climate Innovation, Nature Solutions, and Advocacy Strategy Development.


She has exhibited exceptional leadership skills in a variety of activities, which can be seen through her service as The University of Zambia Chemistry Society (UNZACHEMSOC) President and The University of Zambia Biological Sciences Association (UNZABIOSA) Committee Member in the year 2022. Rosaria aspires to become a renowned environmental leader, driving global efforts to combat climate change. She envisions a future where her passion for sustainability and advocacy inspire positive change on a Global scale.


In her free time, she volunteers for an organization called Mentorship Academy, that focuses on assisting vulnerable children through a Feed 1000 Children Program. She also enjoys reading books, singing, baking, running and spending time with family and friends.