Sana Hawasly

Syrian Arab Republic
  • Position: Co-founder
  • Organisation: Daraty
  • Country: Syrian Arab Republic

Sana Hawasly is the co-founder of Daraty, the interactive toolkit for children teaching them the basics of electronics and improving their problem-solving skills.  Sana is a pioneer of electronics education for children in Syria and the Arab world. She was one of the first to introduce the Syrian community to the Arduino board in 2011, helped start a community of enthusiasts called Fablogia, created the Wikilogia Hackerspace, and the first Syria Fab Lab.


Sana is a managing member of Wikilogia, an innovation community in Syria envisioning an economically empowered generation of students with marketable global and regional competencies. Wikilogia in cooperation with United Nations agencies in Syria is launching programs for the Syrian youth empowering them to generate income using digital technology and local resources.