Sergei Enin is a Doctor of Science and a Senior Research Associate of the National Academy of Science. From 1968 till 1990, Mr Enin worked in the Institute of Technique Cybernetics under the National Academy of Science of the Republic of Belarus and published more than 50 scientific works. From 1994 Mr Enin started specializing in theoretic problems of informatization and transition to the information-oriented society. Sergei Enin made more than 40 publications on the problems of information resources development and use, and application of information and analytical technologies in the process of state government and creation of the National Information Policy of the Republic of Belarus. Sergei Enin is a member of the National Expert Council for Information Technologies under the State Committee on Science and Technologies (SCST), a member of the Board of Academics of the Belarusian Institute for System Analysis and Information Support of the Science and Technology at the SCST, a member of the Editorial Board of the specialized scientific and production journal of the Ministry of Communication and Informatization called «Vesnic Suvyazi». Since 1999, Sergei Enin is an executive director of the NGO «Information society» that employs more than 500 specialists in the sphere of ICT and aims to encourage and promote the development of the national information and communication structure and strategy and transition of the Republic of Belarus to the information-oriented society. Mr Enin supervised a range of projects of international technical aid, financed by the EU, World Bank, Development Programs of the UN.