Tolani Olawore is a passionate community builder, climate activist, and youth development professional. Currently, she works at the intersection of tech, content and community.
She possesses a unique talent for transforming even the most mundane topics into captivating narratives, and she excels in distilling complex concepts into easily digestible information. Her work is a testament to her ability to connect with audiences and create lasting impressions.


With a profound commitment to community building, Tolani has led and contributed to a multitude of initiatives aimed at bringing people together and driving positive change. Her passion for leveraging technology for social good is evident in her professional endeavours, where she bridges the gap between innovation and meaningful impact. Tolani is also the founder of Eco-Ed Connect, an organisation that is focused on teaching climate education in schools and raising the next generation of environmental stewards.


She also likes to think of herself as a full time storyteller. She is obsessed with books, loves travelling, volunteers regularly and is passionate about social good and technology.Tolani's extensive experience includes collaborations with esteemed organizations such as Opportunity Desk, Global Shapers WEF, and SDSN Youth, The Climate Reality Project and she also serves as a Global Youth Ambassador with Their World.