Academic qualifications

Diploma in mathematics from the American University of Beirut


During the period (1982-1986), Ubaydli established with a group of Arab researchers and media scholars the first Arab spot specialized in Arab periodicals, chaired the periodical's liberation between 1984-1986, and then established with a group of Bahraini investors the journal Science Horizons and chaired its editorial during the period 1995-2000.

Professional experience

  • 1970 - Freelancer journalist working for Arabic newspapers and magazines, such as "Al-Safeer"(Lebanese) , "AlHadaf" ( Palestinian), and " Al-Wasat "(Bahrain) ,"Arab Alyawm" (Jordanian), “Alroya” Omanis.
  • 1995 – 2000: Established the magazine “Scientific horizons” Founded by a group of investors, and was editor-in-Chief.
  • 1995 - Founded with a group of Bahraini investors and academics Al-Nadeem IT, and he is the CEO of the Company.
  • 2001- Founded with a group of Bahraini businessmen Alwasat for publishing and printing and distribution, and was a member of the Board of directors until 2011.
  • Participated in Arabic and international workshops, and conferences, mainly in Knowledge base economy.

Social contributions

  • Founder and the Chairman of the Arab ICT Union.
  • Founder and member of the Bahrain Internet society.
  • Founder and President of the Association for technical (BTECH).
  • Member of the Board of Trustees of the Ibn Khaldoun Bahrain national school.