Attending the WSA Global Congress was an awesome experience. I only have positive feelings about the congress and the smooth running of all the processes. All the projects presented by the winners was outstanding and really opened my eyes on the impact technology is having not only on education but also how it can enable start-up entrepreneurs, government and health development globally.

Wilhelmina Louw is a Programme Developer at the Namibian College of Open Learning (NAMCOL) since 2006. She was responsible for the development of distance education study material (print-based, radio and video programmes) for Grade 10 and 12. Her first exposure to eLearning and Open Educational Resource development was with the COL OERs4OS project in 2009.


Starting September 2013, Ms Louw became the programme developer: eLearning for Open Schooling at NAMCOL. Ms Louw successfully spearheaded online Open educational resources content development on the free eLearning platform Notesmaster platform, which selected as one of the winners in WSA 2015 eLearning and Science category.