Willy Kempel

  • Position: Director, Department for EU Single Market and COREPER I Coordination Austrian Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs
  • Organisation:
  • Country: Austria

Willy Kempel actually serves as Director, Department for Coreper I EU Coordination, Community Policies and Economic Relations with EU Member States, Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affair. Former postings include services at Austrian Missions in Kinshasa (1986), to the Nations in Geneva (1987-91), and to Tel Aviv (1991-94), and at the Foreign Ministry in Vienna in the Protocol, Eastern Europe and Middle East Directorates, then as Head of the Political Department at the Permanent Representation of Austria to the EU in Brussels (1999-2003), national expert in the European Commission working in DG RELEX on UN matters, European Security Strategy, terrorism, US affairs and Japan/South East Asia (2003-07), and Head of Office of the Ministry of the Interior at the Austrian Permanent Representation (2007-10).


His vision of the digital agenda of Europe includes addressing major issues in a way compatible with European values and interests. This holds true for data protection questions, network neutrality and competition issues as well as promotion for start-ups and a culture of “disruptive innovation and acceptable failure”. Thus, it means looking at new business models. To improve cross-border link-up of infrastructure. To apply interdisciplinary and interactive education and research models. To promote strategies for smart cities and regions, innovation and cooperation networks, and many more challenges to come. One thing will be sure: digital challenges and solutions will be with us at all levels.