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AlzNav’s target audience are senior citizens and persons in the initial/pre-stages of dementia. The application aims to improve their autonomy by increasing their sense of safety when going outdoors and to ease caregivers’ concerns by alerting them should the user get lost or need help. AlzNav distinguishes itself from other solutions by providing a simplified user interface designed specifically for target users’ needs and limitations. The app allows caregivers to specify the safety area within which the user can move. If the user wanders past the predetermined area, AlzNav sends a text message with the user’s current location, or responds to location requests from the caregiver. To empower users to help themselves when in need, AlzNav can switch to foreground mode, get the user’s attention and ask if everything is OK while offering assistance. If users feel able, AlzNav can navigate them back home, call a cab, or help them place calls to family or friends. AlzNav’s navigational system combines audio and textual instructions with an on-screen arrow that always points in the direction to go – independently of the device’s orientation, a significant improvement over other navigational systems.