App Sistema Ambiental Paulista

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The app SAP - Sistema Ambiental Paulista – was launched by the governor of São Paulo state on June 5th 2013, the official World Environment Day. The app is currently available for Android, which is used by more than 80% of the Brazilian smartphone users, but will be made available also for iPhone users. The app makes it possible for the users to localize and map the route to all municipal and state parks, check the air quality in the city and the water conditions of the nearby beaches in real time, localize where to recycle residual cooking oil, and follow the latest news and get access to the social media channels of the Ministry of Environment. The app has a nice look-and-feel and provides important information about environmental issues. We find it very positive to see that the State of São Paulo, which constitutes 40% of the country´s GDP, takes the environmental issues seriously and makes information easily available to its citizens through this Android application.